The Future of Solar Energy in Today’s World

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Solar energy, in the most basic term, is energy produced by the sun. It is in the form of radiation which gets generated into electricity easily. How it works? Photovoltaic cells or PV cells directly converts light energy into electricity. Photovoltaic means light and electricity. When sunlight falls on the PV cell, the photons of light [...]

Graphene-Coated Solar Panels

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Graphene-coated solar panels are designed to absorb sun rays and convert them into electricity. Sun, being the ultimate source of life, is also the ultimate source of energy. The energy that it provides is more than enough to meet the demands of the whole world. Lack of advanced knowledge, innovations and technical breakthroughs in this field [...]

Advantages of Solar Power For Homes

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Sun is the power house of energy. When the sun’s rays are tapped and passed through specific devices they get converted into electricity and solar power. Scientists believe that the energy which the sun provides to the earth in an hour could very well meet the energy consumption of the whole world for a year. Going [...]

History of Solar Energy: All You Need to Know

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Today, countries like Germany are using solar energy as the major source of energy to fuel their country's need. A benefit is that they don't have to worry about running out of fuel energy . This is a worry that can happen regarding conventional sources of energy or even nuclear plants. So, while solar energy has [...]

Solar Power for Homes: It’s Time to Get Yours!

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In a world where all the known fuel sources are quickly depleting, we need to look at different ways to power and sustain our lives. With pollution levels rising slowly and slowly all around the world and the adverse effects being too hard to handle, issues like the Ice Caps melting and the Ozone layer depleting [...]

PV Solar Panels: Do You Need One?

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Wondering whether you should invest in and what the Benefits of PV Solar Panels are? If you are looking for a long term investment and an environmentally friendly way to go about things, it does sound like a good option. Understanding The Benefits of PV solar Panels The two common types of solar technology today when [...]

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What Is Solar Photovoltaic Systems

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What Is Solar Photovoltaic Systems? The capacity to convert sunlight from electricity is not unique to plants. The human race has managed to do the same by the virtue of a mineral called Silicon. Commonly known as Solar cells, the capacity to harness, store as well as use it at the same time is extremely fascinating. [...]

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How to Recondition Batteries at Home

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Wondering how to recondition batteries at home? Reconditioning batteries is not un-conventional. People do this in times of crisis. You desperately hope that this works out when your car breaks down and there is no way you can call AAA.It is quite a common misconception that the moment your batteries give up for the first time, [...]

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Home Aquaponics: All You Need to Know

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The generation today is becoming more and more aware of the pollution around their surroundings and is working towards a healthy lifestyle. From reducing their carbon footprint to promoting organically grown food, they’re directed towards making the environment healthier as a whole. Since even the food we eat isn't eliminated of adulteration, more people are focusing [...]

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Flexible Solar Panels: Do You Need One?

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What are flexible solar panels? Solar energy has advanced a lot over the past few decades with more and more people encouraging its use for generating electricity. The various awareness programs about this renewable source of energy along with several investments has made it slightly affordable, if not cheap. The biggest advantage of using solar panels [...]

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